The summer is here, and it has already been a strain for you. You have kids who are home from school, and your work schedule has been significantly altered. You work more now than you did in the past, and your ex-spouse has also had some work-related changes that are making it hard for your old custody arrangements to pan out.

With your current custody plan, you’re having to constantly find babysitters and third parties to watch your children. You don’t like doing that, so your goal is to minimize how often you have to. You and your ex-spouse may want to discuss setting up a new plan and modifying the plan that has been set up with the court.

While changing a custody schedule can be a little complex, it is a good idea to do it if your circumstances have changed and the old schedule isn’t working well. If you both agree on a new schedule, your attorney can help you submit the new schedule to the court. In most cases, a judge will approve that new schedule knowing that both parents want the changes.

In the case that you can’t agree on a schedule that works, you can file a modification request. If you need to, you can have the judge review the situation and decide on the schedule that will be right for your situation based on both sides’ preferences and what would be best for your children.

Our website has more about seeking a modification of child custody and what you can do to make child custody easier for you when your circumstances have changed.