The old cliché is on its way out the door. Nowadays, men aren’t the only ones having to pay alimony and child support. In recent years, there’s been a significant increase in women shelling out money to their ex-spouses following a divorce.

In a survey, 45% of matrimonial lawyers in the United States said they’d observed a rise in the number of women being held responsible to pay alimony during the previous three years, and 54% said more mothers than before are paying their ex-spouses for child support. This fact can be surprising for some women to hear, but it shouldn’t be.

The reason for the increase largely stems from changes in gender roles and perceptions in American society. More women are in the workforce, many of them now holding high-paying positions in companies. Some two out of five mothers are the main breadwinners for their families. Meanwhile, many more fathers than before are staying at home and taking care of the kids. 

It makes sense that in a divorce where a woman earns a higher income than her ex, she would be the one to pay alimony. Likewise, if a father is the primary caregiver for their child, the working mother could pay child support. Since a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1979, alimony has been a gender-neutral concept in America, and states have updated their policies to align with this.

Getting help for the tough issues

Whether you are concerned about paying alimony or seeking support payments from your ex, talking to an experienced and empathetic McKinney lawyer can help you understand your legal rights, options and see you get the fairest treatment possible under Texas law in your divorce settlement.