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January 2019 Archives

Family Suing Doctor for Violating Patient's Living Will

A new lawsuit has been filed by the family of an Alzheimer's patient against his treating doctor in Westchster County, New York, alleging that the doctor ignored the patient's Living Will and prolonged the patient's life using medication. The patient's Living Will requested that he be given comfort measures only and no intravenous medications if his condition were to become irreversible. Faced with life-threatening sepsis, the patient would not be able to regain any physical or mental function. 

Is a Contingent Trust Right for Your Estate Plan?

A contingent trust is a trust that does not exist until a certain event occurs. Oftentimes, contingent trusts are part of your Last Will and Testament. In your Will, you should designate a trustee to serve as the fiduciary of the trust and specify the terms of administration. A trustee can be someone you know and trust or a corporation. 

Why Is a Living Will Important?

A Living Will, or Directive to Physicians, is a legal document that informs emergency responders, physicians, and family members of your wishes in the event you require emergency or end-of-life medical care at a time you are unable to communicate your wishes. Your Living Will is signed by you and notarized while you have full capacity to execute the document. This estate planning tool can be as detailed or simple as you would like, but it often contains at least your preferences for either life-sustaining care or palliative care in the event you have a terminal or irreversible condition. 

Celebrities Who Die Without a Will

It is no surprise that every day individuals all over the country pass away without any estate plan in place, especially a Will. Conversely, it is often shocking that high-profile celebrities are dying without Wills, considering their high net worth and vast assets.

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