When you file for divorce in Collin County, every original petition has the Collin County Standing Orders attached to it. The Standing Orders are immediately effective against both parties upon the filing of the petition, and the parties must abide by them during the divorce proceedings.

Originally, a party to a divorce proceeding had to apply for standard family law restraining orders. The Collin County Standings Orders have replaced this procedure for a more time efficient solution. The purpose of the Standing Orders is to provide some general guidelines for the parties’ conduct throughout the pending divorce. Some behaviors that are prohibited under the Standing Orders include disconnecting the utilities at either party’s residence, changing life insurance beneficiaries, changing the child’s school or daycare, and making harassing phone calls.

If a party does not comply with the Standing Orders, the other party can take legal action to enforce the orders. Further, some lawyers request temporary restraining orders in addition to the Standing Orders, usually to curtail a more specific behavior in the event the Standing Orders are unenforceable. Maintaining the status quo during contentious divorce matters is essential in effectuating the best outcome.