Will Contests

In the wake of a loved one's passing, has a will dispute driven a wedge between you and relatives in McKinney or Collin County?

The Law Office of Michella K. Melton can help. Our respected Texas law firm's founder, an experienced estate and probate attorney, works hard to achieve positive results and advance your goals when the stakes are at their highest.

The validity of a will can be challenged on all kinds of grounds, including:

  • Undue influence on the author of the will, when it was drafted
  • Incompetency or incapacitation
  • Suspicious last-minute changes to a will by, for example, a caregiver with an agenda
  • Complaints from a disgruntled former beneficiary or a family member who was cut out of the will from the very start

Michella K. Melton excels as negotiator and litigator when contentious will contests must be resolved. She conducts in-depth research and detailed investigation into why participants in the dispute feel the way they do. She carefully inspects all existing estate documentation and strives to locate common ground that can lead to practical resolutions. If necessary, Ms. Melton is fully prepared to voice your goals in the courtroom.

The Caring, Honest Legal Representation You Need From A Lawyer At A Difficult Time In Your Life

Michella K. Melton's firm grasp of estate planning, estate administration and probate law should give you confidence in her ability to contribute to a favorable outcome. But first you should contact our law firm to discuss your wishes and objectives in an initial consultation. Call today — 214-449-1900. Your email message will be responded to promptly.