Family Law Representation For Same-Sex Couples

The law is evolving quickly when it comes to addressing the legal needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. When faced with a family law issue, members of the LGBT community need to work with a lawyer who is at the forefront of this constant evolution.

At Law Office of Michella K. Melton in McKinney, we are proud to lend our 10-plus years of experience to same-sex couples and members of the LGBT community facing family law issues in Texas. Not only are we at the forefront of the changes in the law, but we also care about the positive changes being made and are committed to getting positive outcomes for our clients.

Gay Marriage And Divorce

With gay marriage now legal in Texas and nationwide, it has opened up long-awaited opportunities for same-sex couples. We can help with the legalities of these opportunities, addressing issues such as changing a domestic partnership into a marriage or ending a domestic partnership. We also handle same-sex divorce.

We have the experience to handle child custody and child support issues of all kinds, and can help same-sex couples with prenuptial agreements and adoptions.

Care And Support In All Family Law Cases

Our attorneys handle every case with the same level of personal care and support. At the outset of your case, we will sit down with you and have a discussion about your situation and your goals. By taking the time to learn about you and your family, we can ensure that we will create a legal strategy designed to achieve your specific goals.

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