Seeking A Fair Division Of Property

One of the most stressful aspects of a divorce is property division. Much of the stress, however, comes from misinformation about how property is divided.

In Texas, the law calls for a division of property that is fair and just. In some cases, that may in fact be a fairly straightforward 50-50 division. Each spouse walks away with half of the marital property. However, the law recognizes that such a division may not always be fair. The balance can be shifted to grant one spouse a larger portion of the marital assets in order to compensate for other financial imbalances. For example, if one spouse stayed at home for most of the marriage to raise children and has a lower income and earning capacity, that spouse may have a claim to a larger share of the marital assets.

At Law Office of Michella K. Melton in McKinney, our lawyers will review your Texas family law case with the goal of getting you your fair share. One of the first steps we will take will be to protect your separate property. This is property is not subject to division during a divorce. It includes property you acquired prior to marriage, as well as gifts and inheritances. This part of the process can be quite complex if assets were commingled. Our experience means we know how to address all complexities in order to protect what is yours.

Added Layers Of Complexity

We are prepared to deal with divorce cases involving substantial or unique assets, or assets such as retirement accounts, stocks or stock options that require special care.

Our attorneys have experience handling businesses and business interests. Whether you and your spouse co-own a family business or one of you is the sole owner or partner in a business, we can help. We are skilled at dividing professional practices such as medical or legal practices, and understand how to address intangibles like goodwill value. In fact, when needed, we can bring in one of the business evaluators or experts we have a long-standing relationship with in order to ensure a complete understanding of a business's value.

We can also address the division of ranch land, oil and gas rights, mineral rights and more. Whatever challenge needs to be overcome, you can be confident we can handle it.

Learn More About Property Division

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