Taking Action To Enforce Agreements

You fought to get child custody arrangements that work for you, to get the child and spousal support payments you need to raise your child and live comfortably. You made it through the legal process and thought you could move on with your life. Now the other party is not living up to his or her side of the agreement and you need to take action again.

At Law Office of Michella K. Melton in McKinney, we are skilled in the various legal remedies available to enforce child custody, child support and spousal support agreements. With more than 10 years of Texas family law knowledge, we can help you get everything back in order again.

Your Enforcement Options

There can be serious repercussions when someone fails to comply with court-ordered child custody or support agreements. The person can be charged with contempt of court and put behind bars. Our attorneys know how to leverage this threat in order to reach a resolution. Ultimately, our goal is to see that the other party adheres to child custody arrangements or pays you the child or spousal support you are owed.

If the other party is consistently failing to drop off or pick up your child on time, is keeping your child for extra days or missing whole days of arranged visitation, we can help you with an enforcement action. If you are seeking payment for past-due child or spousal support, we can pursue an enforcement action to see that you get the money you need.

In serious situations involving parental child abduction, we will put the full force of Texas law into play to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and get your child to safety.

Are You The Target Of An Enforcement Action?

If you are the target of an enforcement action, you need the guidance of an experienced lawyer to protect you from serious repercussions such as jail time. We recognize that sometimes these situations are the result of miscommunications, changes in schedules that require modifications of agreements, job loss and other issues. Let us help you find a way to address the enforcement action and prevent future actions.

Need To Enforce An Agreement?

We are prepared to take immediate action to address child custody disputes and unpaid support. Call 214-449-1900 or send an email to talk to a trusted attorney.