Divorce For Business Owners

Texas business owners who are divorcing — or being divorced by — their spouses require specific legal attention to continued ownership of assets and property.

If you own a closely held business in McKinney or Collin County, one you operated by yourself, with little or no contributions from your spouse, the divorce representation you are looking for can be found right now at the Law Office of Michella K. Melton.

During her years of divorce and family law experience, Michella K. Melton has sought and achieved workable results for families in conflict over divorce. Her knowledge and creativity come in especially handy when retention of significant property, assets, taxes and debts are concerned, during a divorce's property division phase.

Ms. Melton carefully examines every document related to a family business, prepares your case as if it will have to be litigated, all the while paving the way for a negotiated, amicable settlement — a "buyout" that both sides are amenable to. During this often complex journey, the business owner client can be assured that his or her rights and commercial investments will be aggressively protected.

Hard Work And Personal Care For Business Owner Clients Undertaking Divorce

Attorney Michella K. Melton's divorce practice focuses include:

  • Prenuptial agreements that often lay the groundwork for divorce
  • Maintenance of family businesses and licensed professional practices, and determinations of their value (business valuation)
  • Hidden assets, either in offshore accounts or in another party's name
  • Commercial real estate appraisals
  • Investment accounts related to the corporation
  • Ownership of motor vehicles, aircraft or watercraft, real estate such as retirement and vacation residences, heirlooms, inheritances, memberships, collectibles and others

The sooner you contact our knowledgeable high-asset divorce lawyer, the sooner a course of action can be charted on your behalf. Schedule a confidential initial consultation with Michella K. Melton by calling 214-449-1900 or remaining at our website to communicate by email.