What You Need To Know About Child Support

Texas statutes make the calculation of child support a fairly straightforward matter. Essentially, the payer will have to pay 20 percent of his or her net income. If there is more than one child in need of support, the percentage increases.

Why You Need A Child Support Lawyer

When people realize how clear the child support payment guidelines are, they often think that they do not need a lawyer. That is not the case. An experienced Texas family law lawyer can make a big difference, particularly in regard to two issues: income calculation and guideline deviation.

At Law Office of Michella K. Melton in McKinney, our attorneys take great care in ascertaining the income of the payer. This is particularly important when the payer has income generated from a business he or she owns, from investments and other sources that may be overlooked or hidden. We take great care to see that all income is reviewed so that the numbers used to calculate child support payments are accurate and thus payments are fair.

We are also well-versed in situations in which the guidelines should be deviated from. This is common when the payer's income exceeds the cap listed in the guidelines. Deviation from the guidelines may also be considered if the child has special needs or unique costs.

We assist with the calculation of child support for parents going through a divorce as well as for unmarried parents in paternity actions. If you are already paying or receiving child support, we can help with modifications if needed. If you have not received child support payments and need help with enforcement, or you are the target of an enforcement action, we can help.

Learn More About Child Support Calculation

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